Expert Guidance

Under the expert guidenace of Dr. Avinash Deo. we run the Aai Goatfarm succesfully.
Dr. Avinash Deo
B.V.Sc. & A.H. (Mumbai)
Programme Organizer
BAIF Development and Research Foundation, Pune

Goats constitute an important species of livestock in the country as they produce meat, milk, skin & fiber, generate employment & trade. This species is of economic importance to the people living in arid & semi arid, hilly & heavy rain fall & tribal area. The goat is the most important meat animal in the country. Although meat & skins are the major products, milk, fiber, manure & other by products contribute substantially to the agriculture economy. Goat meat, though costliest of all the meats in the country, is the most preferred & high demand.
Goat rearing is a traditional occupation of economically weaker section of the society especially small and Marginal farmers and Landless labors, particularly in semiarid and arid regions of the country. Goat is considered to be major source of economic sustenance for these categories of population in rural area. Comparatively lower body size and their adaptability to wide range of agro climatic conditions have rendered them favorite with poor farmers. Goats are predominantly maintained under extensive range management on community range land, cropped land after harvesting and forest land in mixed grazing with other livestock species employing self or family labors (unpaid and unorganized). Management of small ruminants does not require specialized skills hence the surplus family labor is gainfully employed for management and up keep of the animals. Organized breeding program, feeding management, husbandry practices, and health coverage and marketing structure are needed to be developed. Download to read whole pdf article